As an Astrologer: “Your path is illuminated by a road-map of stars. I am here to guide you!”- Ambika Devi

Mr. Abhishek Dhawan. Is a professional astrologer and has been associated with astrology since he was in school. He has read many books and had the opportunity of studying astrology under the guidance of some of the best astrologers in India. He is a qualified pharmacist and has worked for a few good companies. He also has experience in other fields. His name and his illustrious line of work speak well enough for him. Loving and kind-hearted, he has won number of accolades and widespread recognition, for his precise and without any error predictions.

He is a perfect blend of technology meeting with astrology. He uses modern technology and the ancient art of Astrology, for predicting future and helping in making decisions. The method used by him is based on scientific and logical aspects.

The calculations are so precise that it is reflective of the genius that he is. The birth time is also rectified by co-relating the major events of life with the birth chart. Even people with no horoscope or lost horoscopes can get accurate answers to their queries.

His biggest achievement and accolade that can be attributed is the starting of and making it a brand. Twelve years back, AskGanesha was just a thought of a young Astrologer, who wanted to spread the use and method of Vedic Astrology to the world, with sheer hard work and perseverance, Ask Ganesha has now reached its fullest capacity not only providing accurate astrological predictions, but at the same time touching the lives of people. People come as client, for astrological predictions, but leave as a member of family, such is the personality of Abhishek Dhawan, who walks together as a family and leads the way towards accomplishment.

Ask Ganesha is just a small step which has been taken in the interest of guiding people around the globe who are in need of Astrological help when the things are not moving smoothly. It is the brain child of Mr. Abhishek Dhawan, who work with complete dedication and give their best judgments. The main aim of his life is to help people in planning their future so that they take the steps in right direction.

The method used by us is based on scientific and logical aspects. We at Ask Ganesha use a very unique method of predicting. The calculation are done up to the sub lord level i.e. the sub division of the Nakshatra. The birth time is also rectified by co-relating the major events of life with the birth chart. Even people with no horoscope or lost horoscopes can get accurate answers to their queries.

Over the years Mr. Abhishek Dhawan has been guiding many people who had come to him for astrological consultancy and has had the chance to deal with almost every aspect of life. He specializes in predicting on the major events of one’s life like Education, Litigation, Property & Vehicle Purchase, Health, Travel, Career & Financial prospects, Marriage/Romance/Divorce, Children, and Longevity. He has a good command over predictive astrology and has used the Horary (Prashna) system to the perfection.

Abhishek Dhawan has been studying a number of factors and charts to try to help his business clients. But he is not a marketing guru or an economist - he is an astrologer and he uses the position of the stars and the planets as a guide to help businesses maximise their profits.

Often when he is posed with the question like “Can your Astrological guidance change my life?” the answer to which he answers: that at right time, right code of conduct and right way of performance of a task at the same time patience will all lead to attain success in all the fields.

He mainly practises Nadi Astrology. According to the principles of Nadi Astrology the Zodiac is divided into 12 equal sub divisions of Signs with equal subdivisions of the 27 Nakshatra. These Nakshatra are further subdivided into unequal "Sub lords". Nadi Astrology lays greater emphasis on the sub lord which is stronger than the Nakshatra & in the same sequence the Nakshatra is stronger than the Planet.

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