Astrology in our daily life:

What can Astrology Do?

Now the question here is- What can Astrology do? The answer is that, as compared to other modes of thinking it offers – Objectivity and details. Objectivity- birth chart independent of the opinions of others, Detail- all the aspects of life can be explained. As compared to other modes of thinking, like behavioural mode of Psychology and market mode of Economy, Astrology is based on the thinking of scientific mode, as it is both logical and easily available to be tested, at the same time open to all for checking by them.

Astrology brings new opinions to life:

Often surrounded by the questions of life about the future and goal, or about why and what, mainly the answer given by the human sciences are based on experiences, such as relations, upbringing, conditioning, Education.
All these reasons maybe correct, but they most certainly aren’t helpful. Here astrology jumps in and answers all the queries, here the new opinion of life is brought by Astrology. Here the individual is forced to recognize his/ her weakness apparently leading to give up safe positions. Here the individual learns the lessons of life, and the activities that lead to the satisfying life. Thus one can say that Astrology is the school of life plans that shows the seed sewn into a person’s life.

Recognised rules of Astrology:

The birth chart requires a great deal of astronomy and its elements, whereas, its interpretation involves, all the recognized rules. It is said that Mars or Mangal is the representation of all the fast activities and Saturn or Shukra represents all those activities which are slow, so if the birth chart has both these planets and other planets as well, will determine the faith and describe the various situation in the person’s life. Hence the responsibility of an Astrologer involves both ethical and educational point of views which are contrasting yet combined to get answer in life for the recurring problems.

In closing:

Astrology is a real favour with a myriad benefits. It provides a clear understanding of you. The sun, moon and other planetary positions determine the condition of sky at the time of your birth so this is the reason to find who and what you are. It also enables us to know about the skills and abilities that we brought on this earth in this lifetime. This is seen in different sun sign expressing the different traits and how do these traits and skill develop over the period of time. Every day astrology has given us Perspective and provided us with insights that we did not know might exist, its aim is not to create superstitions but to make one lead the life in proper manner.

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