Creating bigger Vision in your Life

We must let go the life we have planned, so as to accept one that is waiting for us- By: Joseph Campbell.

What does creating bigger vision means?

Big vision means to set goals for future. Goal setting means to have big aims and create future that is full of best things of world. By merely changing your habits, the better life choices are made. Choosing a goal and setting it for life is worth the effort and time. Since our goal determine the vision and the vision determine the path to be taken in life for achievements.

Life Question and answers:

Since life is full of question big or small, so are the choices we make hence big vision means big goals and these goals becomes our aspiration. Here are some of the questions that are answered in simple way

Often encountered with questions as to why visions are to be made, when it is nearly impossible to achieve them anyways?

The simple answer to the complex question is that, it is a character building process, a process that goes on throughout our life. Having being noticed upon the successful people with their past, lessons can be learnt that these accomplished people seem to know what they are going to face in future. What is coming up next for them? So in order to be like the accomplished people it is necessary to have a vision and a goal that determine our future. Is it possible that if one is being able to change their lives, will it change the possibility of vision?

Or the vision would be changed if a person is able to change their life?

It can be said that having the ability to change your life and having the vision for your changing life is like Yin and yang, white or black, dependent and independent. Interchangeable and yet cannot be changed, related yet separate from each other. Both have the ability to jump start the other. As simple as a motivation and muse can change your life and hence changes and alters the vision of life

Another question posed is the difference between a life vision and goals of long terms.

Goals are rather individualistic selfish accomplishments that one lives for, whereas vision goes beyond that, it is bigger picture. The vision primarily defines you. In terms of whom you want to be or where you want to go. The vision provides with the structure that enables to assess the goals. Instead of how the vision becomes your why? The question the vision starts to answer is like what life do want to live at say when you are 20 , 30m , 50and even 80. Etc.

How to create the life’s Vision?

There are ways such as: Identifying the important matters, in life? You might not have perfect answer, being existential here is the key. Regardless of things you want you do or you want to be are the reserves that are required to carry the experiences and accomplishments.

Make the list of those categories that are important to you:

Health – Exercise, diet, Prayer.

Ability- Skill, knowledge, wisdom, experience, Understanding, Know how etc.

Relationships- cultivate them at the same time make compromises to make them grow.

Time- management and utility of time is essential and doing it will be necessary.

Wealth- Creating more and generating even more.

Happiness- it is perhaps the most important one because being in a state of contentment is necessary for the bigger goal.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future: it’s rather something you design for present.-

By Jim Rohn

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