Make your own way- Motivation.

Self – Motivation- The way ahead:

Self- Motivation means taking charge to achieve the goals you want. Self motivation is the power that keeps us pushing, to go on it is the internal drive makes us go and enable us to achieve the desired goals. This internal drive enables us to produce, develop, and achieve, and keep moving forward even when we decide to quit. Self- motivation enables us to grow despite from our present situation and condition. Self- motivation is the key – life skill as it is something that interests everyone, in personal development and one should give it a thought every now and then.

Features in Self- Motivation:

Self – Motivation as a concept is quiet complex, as it is primarily based on the level of our initiatives, while we settle challenging goals for ourselves. Your belief here should be that, you have the ability and skills to achieve and develop the goals and challenges that either you have set or life sets for you.

Four Factors are necessary to get the strongest stage, of Self- Motivation:

There are four factors that determine strongest level of Self- Motivation.

1) Self – confidence, self- effectiveness.
2) Positive thing for self and positive thinking for future.
3) Focus on goals.
4) An environment that is equally motivating.

Let’s see all these factors of features in a little detail.

1) Albert Bandura, a Psychologist from Stanford University defines Self- Efficacy as “it is a belief on our own ability to succeed and to achieve the goals that we have set, Self-Confidence – is when you can believe you can succeed, even when the time is not in your favour. At the same time it also means to enjoy and distinguish the already achieved success.

2) Positive thing for self and positive thinking for future: Positive thinking is inversely proportional to the self- confidence as the factor for self- motivation. It is important to look at things and situations positively even when going through a tough time. This can be done by becoming aware of our thoughts and write them down throughout the day. Another method is by challenging, the negative thoughts and replacing it by positive one.

3) Focus on Strong Goal: We can do this by determining our direction through Effective goal settings. When we set the goals we promise ourselves the strength of this is that it gives clarity of direction and enables in decision making.

4) Motivating Environment: The final aspect is that to surround oneself with the resources and people that remind us of our goals. The surrounding should help us with our internal motivation. Since these are external forces they help you stay focussed externally.

Final Thoughts

Self- motivation is as necessary as food. It becomes us and we have to realise it, the self- motivation does not comes naturally to us, and those who are self motivated needs something or other to keep them alert. Your self- Motivation is achieved by practising goal- getting skills and with Positive thinking. If we are self- motivated then anything and everything that we desire as our goal can be achieved. So don’t be the one who follows an already treaded path, but make your own path and the world will follow you.

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