Motivational Speaker

“Life is not about competition it is about helping and inspiring others so that we can reach our potential.” – Kim Chase.

As a Motivational speaker :

Whenever we hear the name Abhishek Dhawan, thoughts such as Astrologer, motivational speaker, life coach, comes running through our mind.

An institution by himself, a life coach, a motivational speaker and An Astrologer- he is the jack of all trades, working with him is always filled with laughter. Such is - Abhishek Dhawan. He is a person, who failed and then rose to the zenith with just his confidence and hard work. He did not believe in walking the same path as others, rather he treads his own way. By his speeches, he inspires others to not only make their own way in life but at the same time help those in need for a proper guidance. Those lost in the river of life. He learnt the true meaning of life, while rowing his way out through the Rapids and cascades that he encountered on the trajectory of life.

After getting his calling, he consistently kept resigning from his comfort zone and to share the secret of his knowledge with the entire world. It was this urge to help people and change the society that leads him to initiate life changing sessions too.

His charming personality, hard work, support from his family and friends, diligent workforce are reasons behind what keeps him going. The main aim of his life is to help people in planning their future so that they take the steps in right direction.

Starting Point

Coming from a very humble family background, with education in Pharmacy, having worked in lot of companies, and knowledge of different fields, Abhishek is an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha and owes all his success to these two only apart from support from his parents and family.

A firm believer of do or die attitude. He is an epitome of confidence when he goes on addressing his audience, but actually a person of shy nature, he is not voluble outside, but on inside he is a soft and kind hearted person.

He actually focuses on the Reality and the Positive side of the future. He aggressively promotes Realistic Thinking and Positive Thinking as it’s our thoughts and action which help in deterring the course of our destiny with the flow of the planetary effects.

He believes in “We can complain that rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice, because thorn bushes have roses.”- Abe Lincoln

As a motivational speaker he has touched the life of lot of people. He has made them more confident, more capacity oriented.

Capable of building an entire new industry or an organization, he is satisfied to adhere to his self-made benchmark that states, "If you have the capability to help others then you must make the best use of it."

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