Vedic Astrology- A mystical way

Astrology An intriguing topic:

“The stars in the heavens sing music if only we had ears to hear.”
Mathematician Pythagoras

Astrology has always been intriguing since, it is something that is of interest to all. To know what our future will be to, what can be made from future? Past actions determining our present and future. These stars are heavily bodies, whose movement determines our fate. The Vedic Astrology is found in the roots of Ancient Indian traditional Astrology, it is an ancient science known to the humankind, comprising of the information passed on from generation to generation, through written manuscripts and oral recitation. It includes scientific calculations, to determine the directions of planetary motion; at the same time it determines the aspects that strengthen the planets in houses.

Key Aspect of Vedic Astrology:

One or perhaps the most important aspect of Vedic Astrology is Jotish, in lay man’s terms it means “light from God”, it provides wider and broader perspective and view in life, at the same time it enables us to see the prevailing patterns that are present in our horoscopes. It works on mathematical calculation of birth date, time and place, it provides an in depth analysis of planets and help us understand the fact that planets have been influencing all the aspects of our lives.

Basics of Vedic Astrology:

It is the only Astrology in the world that studies the movement of stars.

It studies the movement of nine planets

The Vedic Astrology has 12 houses or bhavas as put in Hindi

The birth correction is determined down to the Nakshatra pattern at the time of birth.

It gives importance to moon, as it only takes 2 ½ days for moon to transit in another Zodiac sign.

The naming of a child is done according to the Rashi, which again is determined by moon transiting into a different orbit. Mystic Aspects of Vedic Astrology:

Mystics or the Sadhu’s, saints who can read our mind and tell us our past present and future. It has the ability to know about your future by just penetrating in to your mind and soul. We can say that the Vedic Astrologers are like mystics, who try to understand the science of soul transit and reincarnation. They have the realization of mind and physical state of body temporarily. Since they study Jotish they know the fact that they are mystics. A point of difference is that mystic’s gives importance to Karma of past life, while Vedic Astrologers gives importance to the birth of the person.

“Oh the wonderful knowledge to be found in the stars. Even the smallest things are written there … if you had but skill to read.” Benjamin Franklin

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